Stephen Missal, CFA

Steve Missal earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in art at Wichita State University, and has taught drawing and related subjects for many years at the college level.  Currently he teaches full time at the Art Institute of Phoenix. Steve received his forensic training from Karen T. Taylor and Betty Pat. Gatliff at their workshops in Scottsdale.  Following this training, he then began his forensic reconstruction work with the Maricopa Forensic Lab four years ago.  Although trained in all three disciplines, he has concentrated on the reconstruction niche during his tenure with the lab. He is interested, however, in pursuing age progression and composite drawing as well.  After becoming an IAI member two years ago, Steve then passed the time and casework threshold to apply for certification in the IAI, and is now an IAI certified forensic artist.  Steve is married to a dedicated public school elementary teacher, and has two wonderful children. His daughter is pursuing her doctorate at the U of Minnesota, and his son lives and works in Perth, Australia.

Steve is always welcome to inquiries about possible forensic art projects or work in any of the three forensic art areas.  To contact Steve, please send him an email at