Kathleen McNamara, CCA

Kathy was born and raised in Southern California and attended San Diego State University where she studied Graphic Communication and Psychology. Since 2006, Kathy has worked in the Crime Scene Unit for the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office as an Identification Technician. Kathy is a graduate of the National Forensic Academy (NFA Session XXVI), Oak Ridge, TN. While attending the NFA, one of the highlights was a body recovery at the world-renowned “Body Farm”. Kathy has the distinguished honor of being awarded “The Dr. William Bass Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Forensic Investigation”, which was presented to her, in person, by Dr. Bass. Kathy became a Certified Crime Scene Analyst, obtaining her certification in 2010. In 2013 Kathy focused her continued education in forensic composite drawing through Stewart Parks and Associates, and became a Certified Composite Artist in January 2014. After a fantastic career with a highly progressive agency, Kathy is once again on the move yet staying within the law enforcement arena as a Consultant and Forensic Composite Artist. Kathy’s chosen field allows her a flexible schedule to pursue her writing and fine art. “Do what you love and happiness will follow”! To contact Kathy, please send her an email at wtrcolrst@aol.com