Dr. Sharon K Moses


Dr. Moses is an Assistant Professor of Anthropology/Archaeology at Northern Arizona University,  She is a registered professional archaeologist, forensic archaeologist and the creator and coordinator of the new Interdisciplinary Forensic minor offered through the Anthropology and Criminology/Criminal Justice programs at NAU.  Moses received her Ph. D. from Cornell University where she was a National Science Foundation (NSF) Fellow, as well as recipient of the Cornell Sage full ride Ph. D. scholarship.  Her dissertation work was based upon approximately 300 beneath floor burials of children and adults in the houses of a 9,000 year+ old town in Turkey, under the direction of Prof. Russell (Cornell Univ.) and Prof. Hodder (Stanford Univ.).  Moses specializes in interpretation of ritual practices.  As a forensic archaeologist, she volunteers her expertise in support of law enforcement for outdoor body recoveries, utilizing her expertise in taphonomic processes of human remains, documentation of: excavation or surface body scatter scenes, botanical, faunal and other artifacts.  Moses has been trained in terrorist/bomb scene body recoveries, aquatic homicide investigation & composite sketching for law enforcement.  To contact Dr. Moses, please send her an email at Sharon.Moses@NAU.edu

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